Business Budget Planner

This Business Budget Planner calculates how many products or services you have to sell to give you the income you need. The amount you enter below is what you want to pay yourself, before National Insurance and Income Tax deductions.

For example, if you are currently employed, you may want the same salary that you earn now. If you're starting a business for second additional income, enter that amount. If you are a Limited Company, enter the amount of net profit (that you would pay yourself) from the business.

This Budget Calculator does not take into account VAT, so include VAT in all amounts. More about VAT on the last page.

Net Profit after all costs.

1. FIXED COSTS - Shop/Office.

Fixed costs are the on-going costs you have to pay to run your business, whether or not you sell anything.

We have entered some sample figures. Change these as needed. All fields are required and the amounts are including VAT. Enter '0' for no cost.

Shop / Office Rent

Business Rates

Service Charge

Staff Costs

Including NI Contributions.

Electricity and Gas


Internet and Landline Phone

PDQ Card Machine Rental

Other Shop / Office Costs

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Service Charge Per Year: £

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Electric and Gas Per Year: £

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Internet and Phone Per Year: £

PDQ Rental Per Year: £

Other Costs Per Year: £

Total Shop / Office Costs Per Year: £