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This article explains how to run a Facebook competition, and why this is a good idea. A quick way to boost your social media followers is to hold a competition or prize draw and advertise it for FREE through some popular competition websites.

Ideally your prize will be a product that you sell, or if you sell a service, then a product related to your service (for example if you offer yoga classes, give away a yoga mat or mediation music etc.)

Your competition entry followers are unlikely to turn into customers – they are entering your competition for the freebies! But you will have increased your followers, gained lots of comments about your product or service and show your business as being popular. This can attract more visitors to your Facebook page and to your website. is a very good website (run by Di Coke, great name choice!) with detailed and easy to understand information on how to run a competition on Facebook. Di also covers the UK rules for running a competition or prize draw and keeps the information updated, which is important because Facebook and other social media often change their rules about canvassing for likes and followers.

Our favourite type of competition is one that asks for comments about a website, for example ‘Comment on this post which of our products you like the most and have a chance to win it for free!’ It generates lots of comments and many of the people entering your prize draw will also like and follow your Facebook page.

Other websites with competition tips and ideas

These sites have other examples prize draws or competitions you could consider for your business. – how-to-run-a-successful-facebook-contest More tips and ideas for competitions.

Competition websites to list your competition.

These sites run competitions and have 1000s of followers. We have used these for some clients. competitions a site to list your competition for free. another site to list your competition for free.

Choosing your prize draw winner.

After you’ve run a prize draw, you need to pick a winner randomly (UK Rules). Here are a couple of sites that let you download a list of comments so you can put them in a spreadsheet, and then use to generate a random number to pick your winner. A site that shows you all your competition entries to help you randomly pick a winner (one of the UK’s competition rules). Another site to see your competition entries and randomly pick a winner. A random number generator so you can select a winner from a list downloaded into a spreadsheet (after using the tools above).

Sites that you can use (for a fee) to run a competition for you.

If you don’t want to do all the steps outlined by SuperLucky (but we think you should try them because it’s free!) then you can pay some web service companies that specialise in running social media competitions. – social-media-contest-tools/

Run a Giveaway contest on Instagram

When you have built up your followers on Facebook, you can run competitions on Instagram and advertise them on Facebook, thereby building your audience even more.

Alternatively you could start with a competition on Instagram, get followers and then advertise your Facebook competition. Either way you will be building your audience and this will increase the social media reach of your business.

Remember that Facebook and Instagram (Instagram is owned by Facebook) often change their rules about running competitions. They prefer you to buy advertising from them to market your business.

If you have the budget for advertising on social media then it’s worth giving it a try, but don’t expect an immediate rush of customers buying from your website. All marketing takes time to build up your brand to the point that you get higher listings on search engines and customers through recommendations from others.

Here are some articles about running a giveaway contest on Instagram with examples of the types of competition to consider. – instagram-giveaways – how-to-do-an-instagram-giveaway – instagram-photo-contest-businesses

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